Finance and Securities

Established in January 2012,Yuexiu Financial Holdings now operates 10 financial businesses including banking, securities, futures, funds, industrial investment, financial leasing, financing guarantee, micro-credit

Chong Hing Bank Limited(01111.HK) was founded in 1948 and listed in 1994, and is a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Composite Index Series. Chong Hing Bank is committed to serving customers of all social stratums, keeping abreast with the market in order to meet its constantly changing needs. Its services include deposit and remittance in HK dollars, RMB and foreign currencies, safety deposit boxes, credit cards, home mortgage loans, car loans, private loans, wealth management, “capital investment entrant scheme” account service, mandatory provident fund services, export and import trade finance, enterprise banking services and syndicated loans; its wholly-owned subsidiary also offers services such as stock trading, investment and insurance. Chong Hing Bank, headquartered in Hong Kong, has 51 branches in the Special Administrative Region, providing widespread community banking services. Outside Hong Kong, the bank has branches in Shantou, Macau and San Francisco, and representative offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai respectively.

Guangzhou Securities Company Limitedwas founded in 1988. Under the support of three replenishments by major shareholders in recent years, all of its businesses were able to gain a dynamic momentum. Industrial rankings for its operating income and net profit moved up to No. 38 and No. 27 from No. 70 and No. 69 in 2009 respectively, with return on net capital amounting to 13.46%, ranked third in the industry; its category rating delivered a three-rank upgrade to the highest AA from BB last year. Furthermore, Guangzhou Securities’ operations in brokerage, investment banking and innovative business have achieved a relatively strong competitive edge in the market. Meanwhile, its fund management platform, futures trading platform and Hong Kong securities trading platform are able to grow independently.

In recent years, Yuexiu Group has been striving to become a key driver of profit growth for the Group and a leading financial services developer in Guangzhou, by adhering to the focused development of its financial business as a core business and further increasing its input in resource and distribution. In 2012, Yuexiu Financial led the establishment of its micro-credit company with the largest asset size in Guangzhou, a financial leasing company and the first domestic securities investment advisory company under the framework agreement of CEPA, marking the initial establishment of its “comprehensive financial” industrial distribution. In 2013, Yuexiu Financial Holdings won its bidding for 80.47% of equity interests in Teem Rise Securities, as an important step in its acquisition and reorganization processes; Meanwhile, Guangzhou Financial Guarantee Center, upon the completion of its reorganization, has been voluntarily transferred to Yue Xiu Group.

In February 2014, Yue Xiu Group officially acquired 75% of equity interests of Chong Hing Bank. Yuexiu Financial’s Industrial development layout of cross-border operation, national distribution and financial holding is gradually being established now.

Looking into the future, Yuexiu Financial will adopt the development pattern of comprehensive management, by means of acquisition and reorganization. The company expects to venture into the financial fields such as banking and trust, in order to speed up the pace of introducing strategic investors and set up a common financial holding structure between Guangzhou and Hong Kong, all in concerted efforts to become an international financial holding group with banking and securities as its core businesses and private fund and micro-credit as its featured services.